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Hisia Zangu

HISIA ZANGU is an association of writers, poets, performers and artists, in pursuit of individual betterness and deftness in creation and performance. It is a creative space where we convey our heartfelt emotions, experiences, and aspirations and inspire change for the good of our country; Kenya, and for the progress of all men.

Hisia Zangu envisions an informed and empowered society that is conscious of the power of art and how it can elevate individuals to realize their full potential.

To promote, nurture artistry, produce, publish and distribute works of art, participate in creative interactions and conversations and play an active role in tackling a broad spectrum of issues in society. 

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I want to know you, Trace the cracks on the wall you face, When the sun tucks away in the west. Know how you scream at the sight of a spider, The sound of your whisper in the midst of a blackout, Hear that gasp escaping, when you touch a slimy slug. To marvel at your high pitch squeal, When a jelly comb gets stuck in your hair. Hear that groan when the morning shower is too cold. Learn what food makes your face light up, The flavors of pinpop that leaves you gigley, Know what tickles you funny bone. What is the color of your favorite shampoo? Candles, cream or red? Table mat, checked or flowered? Who is you favorite author? Holiday, Backpack or duffel bag? Drink, Randy or Modest? When was your last dental check? Hero, Marvel or DC? Music, String or Percussion? I want to know everything, The Why and the when, The where and the how. Script n Ryhme by Shedyk.  ...
©shedyk 2014
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