It is not a contrasting white on black or vice versa

It is not the achromatic absence of light

Neither is it a glaring visual void ...

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A reed will dance in the water from the rhythm of a gyrating stream a stone’s throw from the settlement whose stories remain untold. The drums whose music forces the dance are two wrinkled arms with rough ugly hands holding down the head of a struggling child recently shocked into awaking. Nothing makes sense in his head as it fills up with darkness while the rest of his body yields to the water taking its place therein. He cannot see the lifeless form of his older sibling floating farther away from the scene. He knows those hands. They fed him earlier in the evening. They have smeared oil all over his naked body. They have carried him while he sleeps. They have pinched his cheeks and ears in rebuke. They have patted him on the back for getting the alphabetic order correct. Now, they are pushing him under a fiercely cold...
©S.Ogugu 2013
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We rushed,Our worlds about to crush,Now there is just a hush.   Script n Ryhmeby Shedyk....
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You wake up with the rising sun, Drench your blood in your favorite variant of nicotine or caffeine, You are wired to toil till the sun sets, Fueling at preordained intervals. The moonlight glow marks another chance to rest, To wait for the rising sun, and so it goes. Script n Rhyme by Shedyk....
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In another time, another life; All factors constant and considered, Both parties on the same wavelength, Scruples dangling uselessly on the window-sill - And the Other One conveniently inexistent: I’ll eat from your hand – a tamed beast,  Toe the party line from sheer bliss Brought about by my prying for misadventure, Utterly mindless of a dark surprise hanging unseen - As I hug tightly, the mirage of a storybook finale!   ALAS! It is now! Everything is as is and appears thought through:- And the Other One inconveniently exists....
©Orato 2014
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