It is not a contrasting white on black or vice versa

It is not the achromatic absence of light

Neither is it a glaring visual void ...

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You wake up with the rising sun, Drench your blood in your favorite variant of nicotine or caffeine, You are wired to toil till the sun sets, Fueling at preordained intervals. The moonlight glow marks another chance to rest, To wait for the rising sun, and so it goes. Script n Rhyme by Shedyk....
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I want to know you, Trace the cracks on the wall you face, When the sun tucks away in the west. Know how you scream at the sight of a spider, The sound of your whisper in the midst of a blackout, Hear that gasp escaping, when you touch a slimy slug. To marvel at your high pitch squeal, When a jelly comb gets stuck in your hair. Hear that groan when the morning shower is too cold. Learn what food makes your face light up, The flavors of pinpop that leaves you gigley, Know what tickles you funny bone. What is the color of your favorite shampoo? Candles, cream or red? Table mat, checked or flowered? Who is you favorite author? Holiday, Backpack or duffel bag? Drink, Randy or Modest? When was your last dental check? Hero, Marvel or DC? Music, String or Percussion? I want to know everything, The Why and the when, The where and the how. Script n Ryhme by Shedyk.  ...
©shedyk 2014
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Sometimes, I want to ring you up Tell you, how much love - Still resides in the bowels of my heart; Even if no longer in that way – Since, either someone beat me to the scene, And ringed you with some shiny rock, ahead of my laxity, Or that you are no longer taken by, The fancies of romance and their intimate plays   I want to pick up the phone: Playfully tease and toy with you - Like a cat does with a ball of thread, Or a predator with secured prey ahead of dinner; Mischievously have you narrate, How high I get you with every button pressed right, Every string strummed to desired tune; Or how low you get, when we’re not in contact - For what seems eon, upon eon, upon eon! Initiate that most awkward pause, Momentary silence of knowing concord, Only broken up by, rip-roaring...
©The Orator 2013
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Kuna binti kanizengue, Uhondo teletele kanibubujia, Kicheko twaliangua.   Tukiwa mamoja, Furaha inazolea, Tabasamu si haba.    Sahibu wa dhati keshakua, Kila uchao namuwaza, Roho nitamfungulia.   Script n Ryhme by Shedyk...
©Shedyk 2013
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In another time, another life; All factors constant and considered, Both parties on the same wavelength, Scruples dangling uselessly on the window-sill - And the Other One conveniently inexistent: I’ll eat from your hand – a tamed beast,  Toe the party line from sheer bliss Brought about by my prying for misadventure, Utterly mindless of a dark surprise hanging unseen - As I hug tightly, the mirage of a storybook finale!   ALAS! It is now! Everything is as is and appears thought through:- And the Other One inconveniently exists....
©Orato 2014
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