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True Citizen -Synopsis by Oduor Jagero

In the ten-by-ten shack, Maina, four years old, is writing his home assignment. Kamau, Maina’s dad, drunk and angry comes home. He wants to know whether his pregnant wife is carrying his child or not. He storms the house and descends on her with blows and kicks. Battered to near death, writhing in a pool of blood, Kamau raises a stool above his head in order to crush her skull.

Maina, bolstered by anger, sinks a kitchen knife into his dad’s spine, killing him instantly.

Now thirty-three years old, Maina is haunted by his past and tortured by poverty. He enlists himself into violent robbery. Then Love raids his life. Nyawira, a beautiful woman, steals his heart, begs him to quit robbery. He relents, but with serious financial implications. He must find an alternative means of survival. Maina becomes a matatu driver.

Their first child is diagnosed with heart failure, depleting all his savings in the process. Everyday promises misery and doom. Traffic police and the City Council become the only two characters in a daily game of hide and seek. Finally, his matatu is pulled out of the road. Maina loses his job summarily.

He must fight or take flight. He fights. With his conductor, a few sympathizers, he takes the path of revenge – revenge against the mighty and powerful. Achieng, a pretty woman, married to the traffic police commandant, under mysterious circumstances, meets Maina. Love begins to grow. His child’s health worsens. His wife begins to suffer serious depression and migraines.

One man against what his wife blames on karma. He finds himself in sludge...

Book launch on 8th Aug 2014 at PAWA254

Pre order a signed copy now

©Oduor Jagero 2014
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Oduor Jagero is the 2011 African Playwright winner and acclaimed author of the musical sequel Color of God, Confessions Of a Harlot, Eyes on the Rock, and the winning Musical Makmende Vies for President.

Oduor is trained journalist, documentary script writer, and a poet. He works for his company KoaMedia LTD {}, a media consulting firm, magazines, and online publications. He is also a tech enthusiast and Lead at CMS AFRICA, an organization that carries out tech tours around universities while also organizing the tech event, CMS AFRICA SUMMIT every year.

He plans to get married – in the future , have a cat and a dog, and later have a son and a daughter.

His voice and opinion is on social media. @jagerome and


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