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Speech by Oduor Jagero.  Maseno University, School of Arts and Social Sciences 15 Oct. 2014 Good morning everyone! I want to thank Dr. Omwalo for his kind words about my book and inviting me here to talk with the students, and by extension,to all the people gathered here today.  May be I should start by congratulating all the students for being here, doing what you’re doing, for achieving what I could not achieve. I failed to attain the required points to join the university. My marks were two points below the required. But a fail is a fail. There is no good fail. I had no luxury of going to the university through a parallel program.  My story is humble as it is special. I was born in the village and went to a village primary and high school. Many of you are familiar with Olembo Boys. That was my school....
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This phenomena has been researched and documented severally in the past, I would think that Writer’s block essentially is a state of mind caused by the author. In more cases than one the condition has been self inflicted. The major reasons listed being: 1. Self critic – You sensor your thoughts before you even start writing, you are attempting to edit too much of you work as you write 2. Stressed out/anxious – You are putting too much emphasis on the deadline; your eagerness to finish is stressing you out instead of psyching you up. 3. Bored – You don’t like what you are writing, it does not capture you mind and emotions like you expected. 4. Plain old tired – You are overworking and exerting too much pressure on yourself, you have stayed up late thinking of what you will write only for morning to come and you haven’t figured...
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